A'Kai Silks

Where to Purchase/ Store Link

Butterfly Merkaba

SHOP IN STOCK ITEMS HERE   If your browser does not allow click through, visit http://www.akaisilks.etsy.com  

If you found this page, then you have found the serving site for A’Kai Silks.  Rather than create a website with lots of pages and links for you to sift through, I have decided to simplify things for now and post the link to the store.  The store will show you what items are in stock and will list general policies, shipping, and prices.  You can return to this site later and read up on the history, bio, previous products, and past writings.  I have archived many pages and writings in attempts to keep it simple and avoid having to update everything.   Dancers who know me understand that A’Kai Silks has always been a process of evolution, as so its content should be.

The facebook page is at A’Kai Silks Hawaii   .  You are welcome to browse previous posts and photo albums, however please keep in mind that I maintain the page for historic reasons and not all products, colors, and styles will be available for purchase.  There is way too much to update and edit, so I leave the facebook page in place as many people find me through facebook.

All in stock items will be in the store.  Currently there are no custom orders, no wholesale orders, and I will begin listings soon.  Prices, shipping, and policies are all located in the store.  I know that no one likes to read a FAQ page or info on shipping prices, but it’s all there.








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